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"Bubulee, what do you think of this?"
"It’s quite depressing today. Why are you being so silly today?"

I sometimes share a voiceless conversation with Bubulee. Sometimes, Bubulee raises a paw to let me know that the outfit looks great and sometimes snuggles her heart-shaped nose and comforts me with her charms.
When I am frustrated and ask, “What are you trying to tell me,” she sends me that look, “You don’t need to understand everything!” and turns away from me. She taps me out with her cool attitude from time to time.
The beginning of this project was to share the interesting life of Bubulee through Instagram.
It was not about stylish looks, beautiful handbags, shoes and well-made house decorations.
It was about my close relationship with Bubulee, her pleasant emotions, witty expressions and the feel-good energy.
This soon became the hashtags of me, Lee Hae Young.
Then the number of Bubulee’s fan base increased rapidly. Like myself, Bubulee’s fans started to click on the heart buttons to respond to her charms.
Soon enough, we started to share stories about my daily life,unique styles,interesting items and even my favorite menus.
Then the number of Bubulee’s fan base increased rapidly. Like myself, Bubulee’s fans started to click on the heart buttons to respond to her charms. Soon enough, we started to share stories about my daily life, unique styles, interesting items and even my favorite menus.
Bubulee is another persona of me ‘Lee Hae Young’, or you can even say it is an alter ego. [Bubulee] is a space where sophisticated taste, style, and happy energy flow through each other. On top this, we present Bubulee’s charming senses and cheerfulness for our guests.
    I have been curating the items and I used to wear in the past and perfecting on its feedbacks and usages. Fashion items based on color sensuality and mix-match styling I acquired over my celebrity career, fragrant candles and makeup items with complex emotions while I was painting, homemade detergents made with a mother’s dedication, and pet products filled with confidence and expertise, these are the things I wanted to share with others like heartwarming gifts.

  This space will mean so much more when all people can experience happiness through activities such as simple art piece appreciations, a flea market filled with positive energy, cooking classes to promote a healthy living, lavishing tea parties and gardening experiences, and enjoyable concerts.

  That is why Bubulee House does not only aim for business transactions. The target is to have all our visitors become lifestyle creators with me. For our visitors, Bubulee will strive to provide unique products to represent our client’s lifestyle and unique values.

  The blue skies of Seoul stretch out as a panorama and the beautiful setting of the warm sun have been escaping our eyes. I hope to share this piece of happiness with all of you.   The heaviness and the seriousness of work are not in my nature. My DNA tends to maintain a clearness and lightness in my heart and soul. The collaboration with Bubulee, with irresistible charms, will provide you with REAL style.


We are all ready to show you the REAL style with an open heart.